Claudette Lemay






RE-ENCODINGS | exhibition with Sofian Audry, Stephanie Castonguay, Claudette Lemay et Samuel St-Aubin | Montreal | 2014-2016 | curator: Claudette Lemay


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Re-encodings assembles installation and videographic works that evoke the world of birds in a contemporary and experimental manner. Each in its own way, the works integrate a fragment of nature and put in perspective the gap between the real and its reproduction, the natural and the constructed. Using modern technologies, they humorously explore this fictional space: interactive electronic modules evoke strange birds, a mechanical system of  wooden gears recreates the twittering of sparrows, and human voices do some translation exercises. Whether taking aural or visual form, the figure of the bird is re-encoded, reinterpreted, and simulated, becoming a poetic object that the spectator can reconsider in their own imagination.

Réencodages was presented at L'Imagier in Gatineau (2014) and at Centre d'art Léo-Ayotte in Shawinigan (2015 with the support of Perte de Signal.