Claudette Lemay






WINDOWS OF LISTENING | audio-video installation HD | 17 min | 2012-2013 | (extract 1:33)

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In the video Windows of Listening six people give descriptions of places, ambiences, and sounds, based on the sound archives of interior spaces (shopping mall, church, press room, etc.). From the participants’ depictions, the spectator forms an image of these places. But this image is fleeting and furtive, it builds and unravels as the accounts unfold, break off, overlap, and sometimes contradict each other.

I am interested in the discrepancies between these accounts, in the interpretation and invention inherent to any activity involving translation.

Performance: Georges Audet, Jérôme Bouchard, Rosalie D. Gagné, Natalie Lafortune, Guylaine Séguin, Camila Vasquez.

Many thanks to Mario Côté of the Arc_Phono research group at Hexagram/UQAM.

Windows of listening was presented at the exhibition Écouter un mouvement du voir, HexagramUQAM in 2012, at Art souterrain Montreal in 2014 and at Place des arts gallery in 2015. Curator: Mario Côté.

Photography: Guylaine Séguin